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Wild fitness Tuesdays!

Wild fitness Tuesdays!! Love my Tuesdays because it is full of crazy Yoga and Pilates classes that are always PACKED and explode with positive energy. The energy in these classes is sooooo powerful…we spend an hour flooding your mind/body/spirit with billions of positive signals from your brain. Think of it as mainlining fitness directly into your soul. No committees and no waiting in line to use a machine or weights. We do it RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW and you leave feeling and looking amazing.

I taught a wild morning Power Pilates class at Golds Gym Dr. Phillips (Globo Gym) with over 60 people attending. I began the matwork in Downdog which threw everyone off…in a good way. I believe in constantly throwing new sequences and exercises into my classes to keep it fresh and oh so effective. Once your mind knows what is coming next your body starts to shut down. No good. That’s why pre-choreographed classes become very stale very quickly. Take them a couple times and you know what comes next…your mind becomes bored and so does your body. Where your mind goes so goes your body. Connected. Linked. Married. Anyway…class was very exciting (especially when Mombassa from the movie Inception came on. Great tune!) Hit some severe ab work and kept moving them all over their mats to hit from all sides. Finished with a lovely cool down complete with classical piano and they left taller, leaner, and sexier. That’s fitness! I watched members who didn’t attend class leave…hunched over, upset, stiff…ah the American version of “fitness” is still lifting heavy weights really fast. We must change that perception as we have enough people with severe joint and back problems.

Traveled to Disney World’s Feature Animation Building to knock them around with Pilates and sarcasm. Love my Disney Cast Members and have been teaching Yoga and Pilates for Disney going on 5 years now. After over 1300 classes it is always still fresh and exciting! Lots of people. Lots of abs. Lots of stretches. Lots of fun. It’s fun to know every second of the class is spent doing something so good for your health. Not a second is wasted. Cool down. Bye bye.

Drove back to Golds for my Power yoga class (my favorite class of the week). On time. Quick study of my notes in the stretching room and received odd glances from those stretching. They were probably admiring my sexy posture. Class was a hoot! Over 50 people who want to improve their lives on every level and I made sure to give them plenty to do. Flows, balance poses, couple new sequences to keep it interesting, and plenty of Depeche Mode. All in all a great time. Meditation was all about blue skies and soft grass. Namaste’. Chatted with many of the members. Such interesting and diverse people from all over the world and even Kansas!

Whew…didn’t expect to write that much. Tomorrow I will do all this and more at different locations as well as filming a new workout series fro my soon to be offered Downloads! All in a days work for Mr. Fitness.

Have a nice evening! See you in class or at Target.

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Email me any questions. Love to hear from fellow fitness freaks.

Sean Vigue

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