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20 Random Facts About Sean!

You will be shocked, sickened, & obsessed!
You will be shocked, sickened, & obsessed!

Get to know your online trainer better with this fun list of facts. Some of these i’ve never really intellectualized before… so watch out! For my 10 favorite things watch my VLOG.

1 – The first thing I do with a book or magazine is smell it. This is a great way to get a head rush.

2 – I never dot my i’s; I draw a circle.

3 – As a child, I was obsessed with trucks and wanted to be a truck driver. Then, I went on to a model train obsession. HO or N scale? N!

4 – Christmas carols make me cry. That sentence looks SO manly. Watch me sing without crying.

5 – I can’t fall asleep without praying. Most of the time I fall asleep mid-prayer.

6 – I met my wife, Jillian, in one of my Pilates classes at the Artisan Park Clubhouse. Thats the reason I became an instructor – to pick up hot chicks.

7 – I’m very good at impressions. Examples: Arnold, Reagan, Barney from The Simpsons, Mandy Patinkin, Beetlejuice etc…

8 – I almost have an eidetic memory and have stored over 5000 names of clients somewhere in my brain. Sheldon Cooper would be proud.

9 – I attended Virginia McMartin preschool in Manhattan Beach, California (1979) that was the focus of the famous trial. It was a wonderful school and it continues to sicken me that the school and teachers were put through that trial.

10 – I grew up playing ‘Star Wars’ and ‘GI Joe’ (and occasionally working) on my parents’ oil wells and rental properties in Southern California – Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Huntington Beach, Lawndale etc. Going to Disneyland was always the high point with Universal Studios a close second. LOVED the ‘Wild West Stunt Show’!

11 – I’m terrified of spiders. That’s all I have to say.

12 – I only give books and DVDs as presents.

13 – When i’m sick (not very often because I do Pilates & Yoga) I always watch the TV show ‘Frasier’. It must be his voice.

14 – Worst feeling in the world? Having my ear buds tugged on when they’re in my ears. Man, I HATE THAT!!!

15 – I’ve journaled about my day and classes every night for the past 9 years straight as well as for about 4 years during my theater days. Oh man, those are fun to read 😉

16 – I’m obsessed with ‘That Metal Show’ on VH-1 Classic. Anyone else?

17 – I pick up languages super fast but suck at math.

18 – I crave orange juice with pasta…big time!

19 – LOVE reading historical non-fiction! On my night stand right now: books on South Dakota outlaws, Thomas Jefferson, & the American Revolution. Some Jack Reacher is awesome too 🙂

20 – I always listen to the Mozart station on Slacker Radio when I edit my workout videos.

What are 5 random facts about YOU? Comment and tell us!


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7 Responses

  1. I was born and raised in Aberdeen, SD
    I will always be a Star Wars fan…Han shot first!
    I love reading philosophy books. The Art of War and The Tao in heavy rotation.
    I played college basketball.
    I wrote/recorded/produced a hip hop album…please bring classic 70’s and 80’s hip hop back!

  2. I do Sean Vigue yoga everyday. My cat, Chauncey Love, is enamored with Sean, lays on the keyboard & stares during the entire hour<3

  3. Contact me at 757-619-7551. I am researching the Vigue family tree. I’m from the Vigue family on the West coast (Washington).

  4. 1- I am a life long Yoga and Palaties fan. Sean inspires me to keep up my practice on the days I can’t make it to class.

    2- In my 50’s I exercise to keep up with my girls. 18 & 24

    3- I adore Addie almost as much as my beast of a dog Cleosaurous. (Cleo for short). 118Lb malamute who stairs at me as if I’m crazy when I exercises.

    4- I want to always be a positive example. Every moment of overt day.

    5- I am greatful healthy cooking comes naturally to me. I am twice as greatdul to be able share meals with family and friends.

  5. I have practiced yoga or work out everyday since College( 49)
    I love dogs, always have one or two
    I love to garden and eat organic and clean
    I am madly in love with my husband
    I hate mean and pessimistic people

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