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45 Day Complete Workout Program

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by Sean Vigue
45 Day Complete Workout Program
Tag: EBook
Publisher: Sean Vigue Fitness
Publication Year: 2015

The #1 Bestseller on Amazon!

This is the ultimate 45 day bodyweight only workout program for men and women.

Build muscle, burn fat and tone every muscle with 45 complete workouts (which never repeat) featuring: yoga, Pilates, HIIT, Power Yoga, core training, Pylata, cardio exercises and flexibility training.

Do these workouts anywhere and anytime. You will not find a more comprehensive and complete 45 day workout program on the market!

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About the Book

The #1 Bestseller on Amazon!

You will not find a more comprehensive and complete 45 day workout program on the market! Perfect for men and women of all fitness levels this program gives you a new 30-70 minute workout with fitness celebrity Sean Vigue EVERY DAY without ever repeating. Yoga, Core Training, Cardio Workouts, Pilates, Power Yoga, Pylata (Sean’s original workout style!) HIIT, Flexibility Training, dumbbells and Calisthenics – they are all included to transform and challenge you every single second! Do these workouts anywhere and anytime – you make the choice! Sean Vigue is one of the leading fitness instructors in the world, the “most watched online yoga and Pilates guy” and was recently named one of the “Top 50 Online Workout Resources” by The Huffington Post. He’s worked with thousands of people in his live fitness classes and millions more online around the world in over 100 countries. You will not find a more passionate and entertaining instructor! He’s the author of the bestselling paperback, “Power Yoga for Athletes” from Fair Winds Press and the bestselling eBooks, “Pilates for Men”, “30 Days of Planks”, “30 Days of Flexibility Training” and “Sean Vigue’s 30 Day Beginner Program”. He loves what he does and is excited to share this program with you. Let’s get started today! What you get in this extensive training program: ✔️ 45 complete workout videos ranging from 30-70 minutes. Each day you receive a new workout without ever repeating for 45 days. You also have the option to do the course for 30 days. ✔️ World class Yoga, Pilates, Power Yoga, Cardio, Pylata, Core, HIIT and Flexibility Training workouts that are just like attending Sean’s live classes. ✔️ Descriptions and histories of the many different workout styles in this program. ✔️ Interesting info and stories about each video. ✔️ Optional rest days. ✔️ All workouts are in beautiful High Definition and feature hundreds of exercises, sequences and stretches. ✔️ All workouts are perfect for men and women and can be done anywhere and anytime. You make the call. ✔️ Options to download Sean’s free fitness App for Apple and Android and try a free 7 day trial of his official online training program, “Sean’s Vault”. Get started today building strength, torching calories, increasing flexibility, improving endurance, adding tons of energy and creating a stronger mind and body. It’s all right here waiting for you. You can begin as early as right now and feel the total transformation as soon as the first workout is over. It’s your time. I look forward to working out with you!
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