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Sean Vigue Reviews Konkura Challenges Blog

Recently, a new startup website and blog called Konkura was brought to my attention and I thought I would share the wealth! The site is a community of fitness enthusiasts engaging in friendly competition by posting challenges for a variety of sports or fitness activities. Activities range from the Royal Marine Challenge to the less […]

Motley Fitness TV! #6: Small Town Workout

Filmed on location in West Salem, Wisconsin, Sean VIgue and Motley Fitness present the Small Town Workout. Sean Did you like this? Share it: Tweet

Got Core? campaign coming soon!

Motley Fitness is unleashing it’s brand new campaign to bring effective, life sustaining fitness to a health hungry population: Got Core? Got Core? has already begun in some of our German language ads and will soon be a full scale English speaking blitz of information on why you NEED a strong Core to truly be […]

Motley Fitness merchandise now available!

Be the coolest person on your street (or at least block) with Motley Fitness “stuff”! Motley Fitness caps, shirts, buttons, bags, and draw bridges! Get that sexy Motley Fitness logo on there and drive your friends (and enemies) CRAZY with jealousy! Click on the link below and be the happiest human on the planet (except […]

New Podcasts this week from Sean and Motley Fitness!

Brand new FREE Podcasts coming out this week from Motley Fitness! Here are the 2 workout series that I have: Three-Minute Pilates~Three minutes of Pilates Matwork bliss with Sean Vigue Exercise Breakdown~Sean picks a different dynamic and effective exercise/pose each week and breaks it down in laymen’s terms. All these and more can be found […]

Spinning in the morning!

I am subbing a Spinning class in the morning…very early in the morning. Yawn. Made a very cool mix of Motley Crue, Van Halen, Lady Gaga, Dave Mathews, and The Killers. I am armed to the teeth with great music! Wish me luck. Did you like this? Share it: Tweet

Yoga for Runners workout DVD coming soon from Motley Fitness!

Yes! All you runners out there (and anyone else who wants to take their health and fitness to the next level) are going to have a HUGE edge now as you hit the pavement! Yoga for Runners workout series will be available soon from Motley Fitness. This breathtaking series will feature three separate yoga workouts: […]

Sexy butt and killer legs!

Check out my Glorious Glutes workout series on DVD! This will give you rock hard glutes and legs and you will have fun doing it. Go here: Sean Did you like this? Share it: Tweet

Motley Fitness Podcast is yours for the taking!

Motley Fitness has a Podcast that is FREE and for you to take anywhere and practice at anytime. The Motley Fitness Podcast features 2 dynamic workout series: Three-Minute Pilates and Exercise Breakdown. To subscribe go here: FREE FREE FREE! Enjoy! Sean Did you like this? Share it: Tweet

Slam bam thank you Mr. Fitness!

Picture on right is Mr. fitness’s alter ego…Lance Rockett with dog. Check out this promo for Motley Fitness on youtube! What questions do you have for me? What do you want to know about my classes, DVDs, fitness and life in general?How can we work together to make you feel and look better? Fitness […]