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Sean’s 7 Day Beginner Yoga Challenge is here!


Being a beginner to yoga is never easy but I’ve worked hard to bring you a 7 day beginner yoga program which is really for beginners. My goal is that this 7 day challenge will ignite a life long love affair with yoga and the tremendous amount of mental, physical and spiritual benefits it offers. Here’s how it works: each day for a week you’ll do a new 15 minute yoga routine. That’s it! You can begin whenever you wish and take a day off when needed. But rest assured, for 7 days you’ll be building flexibility, strength, stamina, control, focus, breath control, circulation, balance and much much more. Your options and possibilities with yoga and how it positively charges your life will grow daily as long as you stay consistent. Once you’ve mastered this beginner challenge I invite you to move onto my Full 7 Day Yoga Challenge. Who could ask for anything more?! ๐Ÿ™‚

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It’s a pleasure to train with you and hear your feedback. Make sure you ‘check in’ in the comment section (on YouTube) each time you do a class, LIKE the video, Share it with at least one friend who needs to unwind and release with yoga, Donate to support Sean and Subscribe to NEVER miss a workout! I’ve taught and filmed thousands of yoga routines, written bestselling yoga books, done countless media appearances and fire up my personal yoga practice daily…and I NEVER tire of learning something new with yoga. I hope you feel the same. God Bless you, my friend.

I’ve dedicated this challenge to the memory of my father, Robert Vigue, but most of you know him simply as “Mr. Bob”. Watch him in action here. I miss him tremendously each day and his absence in my life can never be measured. “I love you always and forever, dad” Until we meet again…

Click photo to see "Mr. Bob" perfecting his golf game. Class video!
Click photo to see “Mr. Bob” perfecting his golf game. Fun video!

Here’s your 7 Day Beginner Yoga Challenge!

Day 1 – Morning Yoga Stretch


Day 2 – Gentle Seated Hip and Hamstring Stretch


Day 3 – Gentle Full Body Yoga Stretch

Day 4 – Standing Yoga Class

Day 5 – Gentle Yoga Abs and Core Class

Day 6 – Yoga for Low Back Pain

Day 7 (final day!) – 35 Minute Full Beginner Yoga Flow

All my best,
Sean Vigue
“The Most Watched Online Yoga and Pilates Instructor!”

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12 Responses

  1. I love your videos! I am a retiree and I plan to stay active! Both my husband and I use your videos every single day to start our day!

  2. Hi dear Sean
    I’ve just finished day 6 of your beginner’s yoga challenge. Though I’m not quite a beginner, I’ve been working out with you for a couple years, and I just love it. I am a sixty two years old woman from Canada(Quebec) and I work to become as energetic and dynamic as you are! ( if I can)
    I would need a kind of fitness plan to integrate cardio, strength training, yoga and workouts at the gym.sometimes, as you say, so much to do and so little time. It feels overwhelming sometimes.
    Thank you for your good work.

  3. Coach,

    At what point do I move on from the 7-day beginner yoga challenge? You mention “once you have mastered it” but what does that mean? Totally subjective, and once I feel ready?


    1. Are you challenged that much by the routines anymore? Once you feel a little bored and are adapting to the flows it’s time to move on.

  4. Sean,

    I am going to start with the 7-day beginner yoga challenge, but since my schedule is very busy and hectic (as I’m sure everybody else’s is), I’d like your recommendation on what would be the best time of the day to “fit in” the yoga practice. Thoughts? Thanks in advance,


  5. This is a great article for beginners in Yoga. Can’t believe just spending 15 minuets in yoga can do so much for your health. In my opinion this yoga time is the key to reduce work stress. Should be done by everyone who is in a full time job. Anyway thank you for the article cheers.

  6. Hello Sean,

    I have done a bit of Yoga in my past, but am now starting your beginner program again and feel amazing doing it! I am just wondering if there is a certain amount per day that I can do each or should I just stick to the basics and go from there?

  7. Hello from the UK!
    Brilliant. The most enjoyable yoga videos ever.
    Sean you make it so down to earth and approachable. Youโ€™re a great motivator. Will do this challenge two more times before moving up. Also going to pay this one forward itโ€™s so good.

  8. Just completed day 2 of the 7 day beginner yoga challenge. 57 year old male looking to recapture flexibility, energy and to feel well every day. Thank you for this beginner series Sean!

  9. I love aaaall of this! I thought I would never be able to do yoga, but thanks to you I can. Thank you so much Seaaan. I feel aliiiiiive. All the love from Venezuela <3 ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I love the 7 day beginner program. Lots of variety. Easy for a beginner but still somewhat challenging. Just a few weeks of the beginner class & I fell ready to move on. I’ve never been athletic, but I feel this is something I can do to improve my fitness. I also love that its fun – no serious yoga voices.
    Jackie (55 from Australia)

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