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**This challenge has been updated** My friends, in the wake of the immense popularity of our 7 Day Yoga Challenge I created this 7 Day Pilates Challenge….wait, due to the EXTRAORDINARY success of our 30 Day Power Yoga Challenge I have decided to increase this challenge to a whopping (you guessed it) 30 Day Pilates Challenge. I do this for many reasons but two that spring to mind are I wish to challenge myself with 30 days of total body Pilates workouts which NEVER repeat and I believe 110% in the wonders and transformative qualities of fusing yoga with Pilates…or Pilates with yoga. Take your pick. And, always take a day off when you need feel the need. Rest and rebuilding are an extremely important part in getting the most benefits out of your training.

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I’ve been busy filming new Pilates classes to add to this diverse fitness program (none of the 30 workouts ever repeat) and am slipping in some of my classic Pilates sessions to encourage constant change in movement, breath and…location. From Florida to Colorado to Wisconsin…we’ll enjoy the sights as we practice merging our mind and body with powerful flows and exercises…all to build that strong, flexible and durable body. I want you to move through your days with grace and precision.

This challenge is perfect for anyone of all ages and fitness levels. You may begin whenever you prefer and have a wild and sweaty time working through these 30 complete and diverse bodyweight only workouts. All I ask is that you comment (on the youtube videos) after you tackle each workout and post/share about your progress on social media…TAG me #seanviguefitness and @seanviguefitness. Sound good? Oh, and if you want to Donate to support Sean…he (me) appreciates it. Let’s get started! Wait, please check in below each workout and on my social media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. One more thing: listen and subscribe to my new Podcast 🔥❤️

Day 1 – Sunrise Morning Pilates Workout

Day 2 – Intermediate Full Body Pilates Workout

Day 3 – Complete Yoga Pilates Workout Routine

Day 4 – Killer Power Pilates Strength Workout

Day 5 – Relaxing Pilates Restoration and Flexibility Workout

Day 6 – Standing Abs Pilates Workout Routine

Day 7 – The Ultimate Pilates Workout Class

Are you ready for week 2? Take a day off when you need to and do this challenge with friends, family and teammates! Combine this challenge with my 30 Day Power Yoga Body ProgramOr, jump into my official online training platform, Sean’s Vault, for a free two week trial.

Day 8 – Pilates Abs 12 Minute Workout – Smooth Class

Day 9 – FULL 45 Minute Pilates Challenge (my original full length class)

Day 10 – Pilates Abs with Power Yoga Flows Fusion Workout

Day 11 – EXPLOSIVE Pilates Class on Sean’s Scenic Deck

Day 12 – Seated Pilates Abs Workout

Day 13 – Quick SMASH YOUR CORE Pilates Class

Day 14 – Pilates CORE BURNER Workout 🔥

Welcome to week 3! How are you feeling and looking? Share your progress on your social media! After you finish each workout have a listen to my new Podcast, Fitness Unleashed with Sean.

Day 15 – Hot and Sweaty Pilates Core Routine

Day 16 – Pilates Athletic Conditioning Workout

Day 17 – Full Pilates Class at the Gym

Day 18 – BIG Pilates Yoga Planks Flow

Day 19 – FULL 25 Min Pilates Class in my Florida Park

Day 20 – POWER PILATES ABS CLASS! (with extra POWER)

Definitely take a day off in between these two monsters!

Day 21 – The BEST DARN Pilates Core Workout in the Land

Three weeks in the can! How are you feeling? Are you ready for the last stretch? Too many questions? These workouts are going to get progressively more challenging and diverse as we sprint towards the finish line…if there ever is really a finish. Keep checking in below each video on my Facebook and Instagram and stay the course.

Day 22 – Pilates Legs and Core BURNER

Day 23 – Pilates STRENGTH Enhancer Workout

Day 24 – Pilates Abs THRASHER Workout

Day 25 – Quick Pilates Core INFERNO Experience

Day 26 – Pilates Evening Sleep Routine (time to slow down for a day…but the final 4 workouts are going to KICK BUTT!)

Day 27 – The BEST DARN PILATES WORKOUT VIDEO! (give this complete classic a try!)


Day 29 – KILLER Weight Loss Pilates Class with Extra FAT BURNING

Day 30 (FINAL DAY) – Spartan “300” Pilates Workout (you asked for it and I’m all to happy to provide)

I can’t wait to hear about your progress. Have fun!
Sean Vigue


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6 Responses

  1. Sean,
    I don’t write in to websites, but I’ve been doing your various workout for about a year now. Several times a week. I’ve got about 15 years on you, but like the way you push me, and your patter, humor and taste in music. My wife joins in often, although she thinks you are a bit goofy. We have walked similar trails. We lived in Colorado 20 years and still have some land there. We have a place in norther Michigan like your place in Wisconsin. Brother lives in Florida. And home base is Austin. We lost our Golden Retriever last year and will get a new one this December. Anyway, really liked your pop, as well as his favorite, THE SAW. On Day 10 of Pilates challenge, filmed Aug 8th and was very saddened to learn of his passing. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts. Hang in there!

  2. Thanks for the workouts. I often have to divide the long ones into two days, but am working through them all.

    I think you should do a superhero Pilates workout where all the workouts are named after a superhero (e.g. spiderman pushups, batman, superman, etc.).

  3. Wellll… I started this series from YouTube and after (out of curiosity) clicking the link today am realizing that I started out of order.. I started out on week 3, completed week 3 and 4. I was wondering why I was getting my butt kicked so hard lol.
    That being said I’m turning this into a 50 day challenge because I want to start from the beginning!
    I’ve been working out with you since 2014♡ have had my 3rd and 4th child since and no one can tell thanks coach ♡

  4. Hi Sean

    Just finished the 30 days and diving straight in to your Power Yoga challege.
    I discovered you through hasfit, which I’d been using to pull me through the doldrums of middle age.
    One of the things that you and coach Kozak share is that positive can do mentality that we Brits cynically snear at, you’ve changed that for me and so regardless of all the obvious physical improvements, I’m a much more positive person mentally.
    In terms of routines I alternate between you and hasfit as my DOMS from weight training last longer because of my age, by including your yoga/pilates based workouts I’ve been able to heal and tone better.
    I used to suffer various back problems but not any longer, it feels like my strong core and better posture hold everything in place, I just need to keep pushing the flexibilty side and I can go skipping off into my old age!
    So many thanks Sean for everything you’ve done for me.


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