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Sean’s Cross Training Workouts for “Pilates for Men” eBook!

The "Pilates for Men" eBook available at Amazon and!
The “Pilates for Men” eBook available at Amazon and!

Here is a playlist of 10 of my workouts to go along with your 6 exclusive Pilates workouts from my eBook Pilates for Men! Combine these workouts with the Pilates training from the book for maximum strength, flexibility, core, endurance and control gains. Always use control and modify as needed. Rest is just as important (sometimes more) as the workouts. Master your mind and body. Collect both my books by grabbing the new bestselling paperback Power Yoga for Athletes from Fair Winds Press today. Take my workouts everywhere by downloading my free fitness App for Apple and Android.

Enjoy these 10 diverse videos for all fitness levels and keep mixing up your workouts for maximum gains and enjoyment. Do these as stand alone routines or add them into your current workouts. YOU have the power.

1. 10 Minute Yoga for Men Beginner Routine – I have you covered for Yoga too 🙂

2. Full 25 Minute Pilates Class – When you’re looking for a longer Pilates workout

3. 15 Minute Yoga for Complete Beginners Class – Easy to follow flow to stretch your entire body

4. 25 Minute Power Yoga Ab and Core Workout – Great combo of Power Yoga and core training

5. Energizing Morning Yoga – 20 Minute Flexibility Class – Starting your day with yoga is a gift

6. Yoga for Complete Beginner – 30 Minute Sunset Yoga Class that’ll help you sleep

7. 30 Minute Yoga Abs and Core Workout – Yoga and Pilates work so beautifully together building control and flexibility

8. 10 Minute EXPLOSIVE Cardio Core Workout – Add some cardio to your core workout for explosive results

9. 25 Minute Power Yoga Workout – Experience what all the fuss is with Power Yoga and why YOU need it now

10. Full 45 Minute Pilates Workout – This is designed just like my live Pilates classes

Want more? Try my 30 day Power Yoga and Core Program!

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One Response

  1. Hi, Sean, Happy Christmas! I have enjoyed your videos immensely, as they have helped me maintain some semblance of a workout routine when I am battling injuries. (( am going to be 48 in a few months, and it seems I have had more issues with hamstrings and calve muscles, yada yada yada. My 9-year old loves it to participate to because of your charisma (and Addy of course). I would like to order a DVD from you for my dad, who is 78. He was pretty fit for most of his life, and did his own HIIT-type workouts when he was my age. But of course over time he has not been consistent in his routines. My dad has put some tummy weight on, and though he stays active (cleaning , yard work and walking around here and there), there’s not a lot of physical activity. I think Pilates and swimming are going to be the best for him. Do you have an idea of what DVD you have available that would suit him? Best to you and yours!
    Madeleine Nantze, California

My Yoga for Beginners bundle features 20 of my all-time favorite routines for beginners to help you build up a successful yoga practice.

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