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The ‘Sean’s Vault’ November Workout Calendar is Here!

Your November Workout Calendar is here!
Your November Workout Calendar is here!

Hello Sean’s Vault subscribers (and those who are interested in joining the hottest online training program on the planet), winter is just about upon us and now more than ever we need to stay motivated in our workouts to make it through the tempting holidays and arrive at New Years in the BEST shape of our lives! That was a long sentence. What did you think of the October workout calendar? Did you make it all the way through? The calendar always gives you at least two workouts but you do as much as you can. At Sean’s Vault we’re all about going at your own pace and working out according to your personal needs. I hope you’re enjoying the new Colorado mountain locations as I’m so excited to show you some GORGEOUS locations that’ll keep you inspired and motivated. With that in mind…have you preordered my new book, Power Yoga for Athletes yet? Do it today and buy a few extra for your friends and family! It’s going to be sold EVERYWHERE beginning April, 2015.

But, enough of that…let’s get to the workout schedule! Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel for extra shorter workouts to keep you on track. I’m always here for you to help, listen or simply motivate. Always use control and modify as needed.

This is a two week schedule split – repeat this training program twice for the month.

Week One

Monday – Yoga and Core (with stretching) to get moving!

Yoga Shred and Stretch Workout – September 2014
Total Core Punisher w/ Deep Stretching – October 2014

Tuesday – Cardio Frenzy w/ Long, Deep Stretches

‘Butts and Guts’ Cardio Core Workout – October 2014
Slow Burn Yoga Routine – November 2013

Wednesday – Power Yoga for Optimum Muscle Stretch and Burn

Wildcard: Haunted Lunge and Warrior Spook-tacular Workout – October 2014
Extra credit: My Power Yoga workout for HASfit!

Thursday – Rest Day – do a walk, work outside, rest up and, if you like, do some gentle stretching.

Friday – Cardio Core Day

Cardio Core Kickboxing Shred & Stretch Workout – September 2014
Extra credit: CORE ON FIRE workout

Saturday – Your Day of Yoga!

Yoga Fire Flow – April 2014
Extra Credit: Power Yoga workout for HASfit

Sunday – Core, Abs and Stretch Galore

The Summer Core Sizzler Workout – July 2014
Extra Credit: 20 minute KILLER Core Workout (if you DARE!!)
You MUST stretch after this.

Week Two

Monday – Begin with a rest day…but if you REALLY need to do one of my workouts (I don’t blame you) give this a whirl.

Tuesday – Cardio & Yoga for Optimum Health

‘Body on Fire’ Total Body Shred – April 2014
Wildcard: Power Yoga for Athletes #1 – June 2014

Wednesday – Cardio Core Fat Burning Insanity! (rest up for this one)

‘Butts & Guts’ Cardio Core Workout – October 2014
Wildcard: Cardio Core Yoga & Tabata Madness – September 2014
Extra credit: Give yourself some deep stretches depending on your fitness level

Thursday – Put the “P” in Power Yoga and take your fitness to the next level!

Power Yoga for Athletes #2 – July 2014
Warrior Yoga Workout – February 2014

Friday – Rest Day. I’m serious…REST. Your weekend workouts are going to be a whole new kind of challenge.

Saturday – Fat Burning & Total Body Transformation Day

HIIT & Tabatas are Forever Workout – July 2014
Wildcard: ‘Fire Up Your Muscles’ Power Yoga & Weights Workout – April 2014
Extra Credit: Stretch, Release and Restore

Sunday – Your choice of workouts depending on how you’re feeling. Here’s your delicious menu:

Cardio: Ninja Warrior Fat Burning Workout – February 2014
Core: Total Core PUNISHER w/ Deep Stretching – October 2014
Yoga: Hard Butt & Lean Legs Yoga Workout – March 2014

You made it! Congrats, my friend. I’m VERY proud of you! Now, do this two week split once again and I’ll see you this week with another new Sean’s Vault workout that is not seen anywhere else.

Your’s in health and fitness now and for the rest of our lives,
Sean Vigue
“YouTube’s Most Watched Yoga & Pilates Guy!”
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