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Pilates on the Go! is here. Watch it here…right now!

Sean Vigue and Motley Fitness have been working very hard to bring you dynamic, effective, and time saving workouts that can be performed anywhere and anytime…all you ever need is a yoga/Pilates mat and the desire to look and feel better! Pilates on the Go! series is the perfect under ten minute workout that focuses […]

Motley Fitness Boot Camp is HERE!

Here is the first in the Motley Fitness Boot Camp canon. Read below: Oh boy this workout is really going to blow your mind and rip the crud out of your muscles! Using only Pilates and Yoga based exercises (no weights, no machines, or any other object that you can trip over and impale yourself […]

Motley Fitness Boot Camp is coming!!

Sean Vigue and Motley Fitness will be bringing you a very unique, challenging, muscle ripping, soul splitting new workout series available on iTunes Podcast and DVD worldwide: Motley Fitness Boot Camp!! This whole Boot Camp will be solely mat based….meaning that all you will need is a Yoga/Pilates mat and you shall create an entire […]

Got Core? campaign coming soon!

Motley Fitness is unleashing it’s brand new campaign to bring effective, life sustaining fitness to a health hungry population: Got Core? Got Core? has already begun in some of our German language ads and will soon be a full scale English speaking blitz of information on why you NEED a strong Core to truly be […]

Motley Fitness is Future

Sean Vigue and Motley Fitness will soon be unveiling the new Motley Fitness ist zuk├╝nftig (Motley Fitness is Future). We at Motley Fitness have to tools to make you look and feel better now AND in the future. The future belongs to those who are forward thinkers. Motley Fitness ist Zukunftig will also feature German, […]

Yoga/Pilates for the Dancer DVD fun teaser smacked my brain!

Watch a fun teaser for the newest offering from Motley Fitness: Yoga/Pilates for the Dancer! This DVD will feature a combination of Pilates and Yoga to increase your level of dancing ten fold. Core strength, breathe support, balance, flexibility, control, and endurance…all the ingredients of a great dancer. Tap? Modern? Ballet? Jazz? Hip-Hop? All styles […]

FREE workout Podcast from Sean and Motley Fitness!

I like to offer people many, many options when it comes to fitness and believe in keeping prices extremely low. Even better than a low price is offering something for FREE! Motley Fitness has been offering a free podcast for several months now to meet the ever increasing demands of business. Take several original Podcast […]

Motley Fitness is a life choice.

Motley Fitness is committed to creating a healthy, lean, fit body and mind through natural movements based in Pilates and Yoga. You will look and feel great now AND for many, many years to come. We believe that fitness is your duty and must be safe, effective, and forward thinking so you may be filled […]

Yoga/Pilates for the Dancer DVD coming soon from Motley Fitness!

Oh yes Motley Fitness is on FIRE! We are bringing top of the line health and fitness to a fitness hungry world through packed live classes, workout DVDs, FREE Podcasts, and blogs a plenty. I work very hard to create workouts for people of ALL ages and fitness levels. So….Yoga/Pilates for the Dancer is the […]

Yoga for the Runner workout DVD available!

It has arrived!! Yoga for the Runner contains three dynamic yoga workouts on one DVD! 1~Upper Body workout2~After run stretch series3~Full 30 minute full body workout Here is the official promo: Combined they give you the physical, mental, and spiritual tools to elevate your running to the stratosphere! Yoga for the Runner is $15 […]