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Sean’s EXPLOSIVE New Bodyweight Workout Program


(yep, we must be starting a new bodyweight workout program from Sean Vigue Fitness)

Welcome to my 4 part training series featuring Pilates/core, Power Yoga, cardio, calisthenics, flexibility training and athletic mobility challenges. First off – what did you think of my latest 7 Day Fitness Challenge? I threw A LOT of sweat, heart, soul, spleen and energy into those 7 dynamic full body classes. With this program I want the names of the workouts to speak for themselves. I believe we’ve chosen some real humdingers this time and that they really compliment the corresponding routine.

Day 1 → Atomic Core
Day 2 → Nuclear Core
Day 3 → Radioactive Core
Day 4 → Weaponized Core

Note: I did not obtain any radioactive, nuclear, atomic or weaponized material for this program (I’m not Doc Brown) but the workouts themselves shall create a force with such velocity that you will be AMAZED at what your body is capable of doing. Moving our bodies in so many different unique and provocative ways will increase your strength, flexibility, power, endurance, balance and control. I can and will continue to throw so many new movement patterns at you to shock your body into growing, adapting and building. I do this for myself too.

By the way…I just launched a 5 part Yoga for Kids and Teens series (click the photo below for all 5) which will be in EVERY school in the USA and beyond by the end of the year (hey, a guy can dream big, right?!) and would LOVE if you could share it with your teachers, students, parents, friends etc. Thanks! Now….onto the EXPLOSIVE workouts!

WARNING: these are more advanced workouts. Only dive in if you’re physically (and mentally) ready. I will respond immediately to the first 20 people who check in and comment below each video so get writing! Take at least a day of rest in-between each workout for maximum muscle recovery and rebuilding.

KILLER Atomic Core Abs Workout – part 1 of 4


ERUPTIVE Nuclear Core Abs Workout – part 2 of 4


BRUTAL Radioactive Core Abs Workout – part 3 of 4

INTENSE Weaponized Core Abs Workout – part 4 of 4

The others will be added as they’re uploaded. They are REALLY hot to the touch so I must wear gloves when editing them 🔥🔥🔥


Thanks for training with me and Sharing me with others! We’ve only just begun…

What time is it? Time to start my 30 Day Pilates Body Challenge!
Sean Vigue


Power Yoga for Athletes

Power Yoga for Athletes

Tags: EBook, Featured, Paperback
Publisher: Fair Winds Press
Publication Year: 2015
Format: Paperback and Digital
ASIN: 1592336159
ISBN: 1592336159

The International Bestseller!

Power Yoga for Athletes is perfect for those who want a total body and mind workout. Yoga is the ideal cross-training tool and a perfect stand-alone exercise, whether you're looking to improve balance, focus, control, breathing, posture, or flexibility; strengthen your back, joints, or core; or reduce or heal from injury.

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Sean Vigue’s bestselling book Power Yoga for Athletes from Fair Winds Press is available wherever books are sold! So, head to your favorite bookseller right now and pick up your own copy or order online below! Also available on all digital platforms. It has hit #2 on Amazon!

This book is a call to action for men and women of all ages and fitness levels and features over 100 yoga poses with complete descriptions and body areas targeted, 25 full length Power Yoga workouts from beginner to advanced and even a sport specific Training Log so athletes can dive right into the best poses for their chosen sport and activity.

Power Yoga for Athletes by Sean Vigue is your total on-the-go training manual (football, golf, running, baseball, hockey, basketball, swimming, tennis, cycling, soccer and more) and will enhance athletic performance and conditioning on every level even if you don’t consider yourself an athlete.

You’ll even have the option to workout with me via video on my youtube channel for many of the yoga flows in the book! We worked very hard to make it so easily accessible so you can begin today. Train today with the most watched online Power Yoga instructor!

Look Inside
"Sean brings a lightness to any heavy-duty workout. His sense of humor keeps you smiling when your mind is telling you to frown and possibly give up. In my opinion, a light and kind teacher that can also encourage you to meet your edge is a treasure - and Sean is that!" Adriene Mishler of Yoga with Adriene
“I love Sean’s enthusiasm. He brings expertise, knowledge and a lot of fun to everything he does. My yoga community has loved our collaborations!”
"Sean Vigue is the instructor that the experts learn from. I've been training for for 15 years, but wanted to add more yoga and pilates to my tool box and Sean is simply the best. His special blend of on-screen charisma and practical knowledge sets him apart from the rest."
"Power Yoga for Athletes is a great Yoga resource for people of all fitness levels. The breakdown of poses and anatomy ensures a balanced workout, and the flows are great. I also love the recommended poses by sport so you can customize your program to improve athletic prowess. Don't miss out on this Yoga resource!"
"Sean's classes are invigorating, fun and easy to follow along with. I highly recommend them for anyone who wants a great workout!"
"I LOVE what Sean is doing and it's very inspiring! You're so passionate and it's contagious."
"Sean has the moves, mojo and motivation you need to reach that next level of fitness. His energy is contagious and his pipes are sublime. Go Sean, go!"
– Brooke Siler - Pilates guru
"I love Sean's dedication to yoga and working out, his fun personality and his commitment to helping people"
"Sean is a talented and knowledgeable fitness instructor that I am proud to of had the privilege of working with."
"Working out with Sean is a blast! I refer my online clients to him because I know not only will they get a safe & effective workout, they are sure to be entertained in the process!"
"Seans Power Yoga workouts are my go to yoga workouts. He is an amazing instructor and I love the way he always makes me laugh. Sean's Power Yoga workouts are a great way to start my day!"

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